Onana is losing the trust of his teammates – says Peter Schmeichel

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Legendary goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel says Andre Onana is losing the trust of his teammates after his performances. Manchester United signed Onana for £47.2million from Inter Milan this summer. However, the Cameroonian is not living it upto the expectations at Old Trafford. He has conceded 19 goals in 11 games so far this season. A number of errors has led him to be under the radar of critics. Though, his latest blunders were shadowed by a late Scott McTominay double in the dying moments against Brentford.

Schmeichel feels Onana is feeling tremendous pressure

Peter Schmeichel, who won it all with Manchester United, has recently spoken to Onana.

“I think a lot of that is pressure. I spoke to him after Bayern, I spoke to him after the other Champions League match against Galatasaray as well, he’s very down on the mistakes he’s made.”

“I’m trying to speak to him about what it’s like to be at Manchester United, what you have to take.“Whatever you’ve made, you have to put it in a box straight away and put it to the side. So you make a mistake in a game, it might be a mistake we see, it might be a mistake that we don’t see, but you wait to think about it and analyse it until after the game or at night or whatever. You have to be there for the next moment, if you’re not you’ll make the next mistake. And now he’s upset the whole team. Now they will even more not trust him, and my god, it’s not good.”

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