A journalist for Sky Sports reports what he has learned about Mo Salah’s departure from Liverpool for Saudi Arabia


We are already discussing Mo Salah and his Liverpool future, even though the January transfer window is only a few days away from opening.

There were a lot of rumors during the summer about Salah leaving. The Liverpool star was strongly pursued by Saudi Arabia, but Salah ultimately decided to stay at Anfield. Liverpool has benefited greatly from that choice. With the Reds now leading the Premier League table ahead of Arsenal, Salah appears to be returning to his very best form.

But with January just a few days away, discussions about Salah are resuming. Furthermore, Dharmesh Sheth of Sky Sports stated that nothing is off the possibility for the Egyptian player in the summer, including a possible new contract.

Salah might still depart from Liverpool in 2024

Speaking on behalf of Sky Sports, Sheth stated that there is no reason to rule out any possibility regarding Salah’s future at Liverpool.

“This is the real deal. They want to bring in some of the best players in the world. Mohamed Salah, they’ve made no secret. It’s no secret they desperately want him in the pro league. They want him. Are they going to get him in January? You can almost guarantee there’s no chance of that happening as Liverpool simply won’t entertain that. Come the summer, he’s got 12 months left on his contract,” Sheth said.

That’s where it will come to a head. Whether the position of Liverpool, what happens this season, what Mohamed Salah wants to do. What kind of talks they’ll have over a new contract. It will have to come to a head because Liverpool won’t want to lose him for nothing. There’s nothing to say that he won’t sign a new deal at Liverpool. We don’t know what’s going to happen. What we do know is that Saudi Arabia do want Mo.

It would be huge if Mo signed a new contract

Salah will undoubtedly rank among Liverpool’s all-time greatest players.

Whatever direction this one go, it would be monumental.

If Saudi Arabia were able to sign Salah, they would have secured the services of the most well-liked player in the region, which would greatly improve their league.

Salah would be invaluable to Liverpool if he could stay for a few more years. Even though he is now older than thirty, he is still a vital member of the Reds, as demonstrated by his performance this season.

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