Gary Neville drops his insight on Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal match this week

Pundit Gary Neville shares his prediction on the Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal game. The Gunners wil be travelling to Tottenham Hotspur stadium in a fierce North London derby this weekend.

Indeed, North London derby is a huge fixture in itself, the position of the two clubs right now makes it even abyss. Mikel Arteta’s side will hope to tighten the race against Manchester City at the top. On the other hand, Ange Postecoglou will see this win as a major boost to his top four hopes.

Tottenham haven’t played since the 4-0 loss to Newcastle United a fortnight ago, so while they may be fresher, their confidence may not be as high. Meanwhile, Arsenal recently battered Chelsea in a 5-0 win at Emirates Stadium.

Gary Neville on Tottenham vs Arsenal

Speaking on Sky Sports, Neville was ranting about the Derby incoming. He said,

Arsenal cannot be shocked on Sunday. It’s going to be potentially almost like a bloodbath in the first 15-20 minutes. The Tottenham fans don’t want Arsenal to win the league. I’ve just been in London so much in the last few weeks.

And I’ll go, ‘sorry, I hope Arsenal probably win it because you know, City and Liverpool.’ And they’ll go, ‘I hope not!’ Like that type of feeling exists.”

This particular fixture has a lot of gravity than in the past few years. Tottenham want to be firm on their top four project for the season while anymore slipups for Arsenal will be a wound for them. Manchester City are in a run as they always do as the end of the season approaches. Any more dropping points will be very lethal for Arteta’s boys as they can loose another title opportunity. Be sure to keep updated yourself about the clash!

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