Ownership, Funding, and Advertising Policy

At Six Sports, we are committed to transparency and integrity in our operations, including ownership, funding sources, and advertising practices. This policy outlines our principles and practices regarding these aspects to ensure accountability and maintain the trust of our audience.

1. Ownership:

Six Sports is owned and operated by Synovatic Technologies Pvt Ltd, a reputable organization dedicated to delivering quality sports media content. Synovatic Technologies oversees all operations of Six Sports, including content production, platform management, and audience engagement.

2. Funding:

Six Sports is primarily funded through the following sources:

Synovatic Technologies Pvt Ltd: As the owner of Six Sports, Synovatic Technologies provides financial support for the website’s operations, including infrastructure, personnel, and technological development.

Advertising Revenue: Six Sports generates revenue through advertising placements on its website and other platforms. These advertisements help support our operations and allow us to provide content to our audience free of charge.

Sponsorships and Partnerships: On occasion, Six Sports may enter into sponsorship agreements or partnerships with brands, organizations, or events related to the sports industry. These sponsorships contribute to our funding while maintaining editorial independence.

3. Advertising:

At Six Sports, we adhere to the following principles regarding advertising:

Transparency: We clearly distinguish between editorial content and advertising. Advertisements are clearly labeled as such and are not presented as editorial content.

Relevance and Quality: We strive to ensure that advertisements displayed on our platform are relevant to our audience and meet high standards of quality and credibility.

User Experience: We prioritize the user experience and seek to minimize intrusive or disruptive advertising practices. Advertisements should not interfere with the readability or usability of our website.

Ethical Standards: We only accept advertisements that comply with ethical standards and are aligned with the values and interests of our audience. We reserve the right to reject or remove advertisements that are misleading, offensive, or harmful.

Disclosure: We disclose any financial relationships or partnerships with advertisers, sponsors, or affiliates to maintain transparency with our audience.

4. Sponsored Content:

Six Sports may occasionally feature sponsored content, which is content produced or influenced by a third-party sponsor. Sponsored content is clearly identified as such, and we maintain editorial control over its creation and publication. Sponsored content is subject to the same standards of accuracy, fairness, and transparency as our regular editorial content.

5. Editorial Independence:

While Six Sports may receive funding from various sources, including advertisers and sponsors, our editorial team operates independently and maintains full editorial control over the content we produce. Advertisers, sponsors, or partners do not influence our editorial decisions, topics covered, or the tone of our reporting.

For inquiries regarding ownership, funding, or advertising on Six Sports, please contact us at contact@synovatic.in.

This policy is subject to periodic review and updates to ensure alignment with our commitment to transparency and integrity in all aspects of our operations.

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