Al Shabab still target Nicolas Pepe after his rumored transfer proved false


Al Shabab recently filed their proposal to obtain Nicolas Pepe, when Arsenal confirmed his availability on the market once more.

The Gunners‘ player claimed the interest of many non European clubs as of late, a prime example is Türkiye’s Besiktas. The club made a bid earlier this year which Arsenal rejected, yet the club still hoped to sign the player. In fact, the French journal L’Equipe confirmed the player was in France for medical examination as part of his transfer.

However, the Turkish club denied having made any further attempts for the 28-year old, beyond the confirmed first instance. Turkish journalist Fırat Günayer, made it clear that Pepe’s manager made the claim to L’Equipe instead of the club itself.

And with the deal not being confirmed and the player still available, other parties show their attempt to enter negotiations.

Al Shabab representatives do their best to acquire Nicolas Pepe

The Saudi club’s transfer window ended on September 7 and no news of the transfer emerged.

Pepe’s future is at risk if he does not choose one of the two clubs to join in the future. The 28-year old is not part of Arsenal’s main team despite the attraction he is currently receiving. Instead, the player is in a backup team, maintaining his fitness in preparation for a potential move, similar to some teammates.

However the club will not be allowing the player to leave without making a profit, but the price remains unknown. Arsenal demanded an asking price of £2 million from the Turkish club, but will likely change their price tag soon.

Still, much of the matter is still unknown, but will likely be revealed in the next few hours at least.

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