Arsenal get a boost in their quest to sign Lyon player

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Arsenal have received a massive boost in their quest to sign Houssem Aouar

Arsenal have wanted to sign Lyon midfielder Houssem Aouar since Mikel Arteta’s arrival to the club. In 2020 Lyon quoted a price of £50 million if Arsenal wanted to buy the player. This valuation was far more than Arsenal’s evaluation so, the club cooled its interest in Aouar. In the previous transfer window. However, they renewed their interest in the player after learning his new asking price.

Lyon now values Aouar at £12.6 million to cash in on the player before the expiration of his contract. Aouar’s contract with Lyon ends in June 2023. His valuation has fallen because of his ankle injury. Despite the injury, Aouar is still a player with some serious potential. Arsenal and Mikel Arteta are aware of this potential and want to develop it further. Arsenal now wants to negotiate a fee for the player. This means Mikel Arteta night still gets his initial wish.

Arsenal also wants to sign Aston Villa player Douglas Luis to increase their squad depth. Douglas Luis will be a great signing if Arsenal pulls it off. However, Luis will not come cheap. Aouar is a good option instead. His valuation of just £12.5 million will not burn a hole in the pockets of the Gunners. Moreover, if he can stay fit, he can be a great prospect for the Gunners.

Newcastle is also in pursuit of the player. Eddie Howe is an admirer of the player. Newcastle is keeping its eyes on any new development in the player. Moreover, they will also be keeping an eye in case Arsenal makes a move for the player in January.

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