Arsenal’s manager Mikel Arteta to keep his promise to the fans

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Mikel Arteta had promised the Arsenal fans that they are going to secure the top 4 this season. As the season passes by it looks more and more likely that the manager might just be able to keep the promise. The Gunners missed a place in the top 4 after they lost to their North London rivals Tottenham. It came as a huge disappointment to the fans as well as the players. Before this season had begun the Gunners had a target of finishing in the top 4. But as the season passes on it looks like the target has changed a bit.

Mikel Arteta fulfills Arsenal fan’s wishes after the disappointment of last season

Most Arsenal fans might not have thought that they would be sitting at the top of the league before the World Cup. Arsenal are five points clear of Manchester City who are placed second in the table. The Gunners are 8 points clear off of the Spurs. The job that Arteta, the players, and the backroom staff have put in have been exceptional and could be seen in the team’s recent performance. It could be safely said that Arsenal’s target before the start of the season is very well secured with 14 games already played.

The concerning factor here is that this has given the fans hope that Arsenal might win the league this campaign, which is still very early to tell. If Arsenal finishes 2nd or 3rd in the table many fans will deem this season as being a failure and this would put Arteta and the players under immense pressure. It is best for the team to focus on one day at a time and focus on their and the team’s performance. If they continue to do that, the Gunners are well on their way to finishing in the top 4 or even can win the league.

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