Casemiro is amazed at how English fans live for the football

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Casemiro admits he was amazed at how English fans live for football. He was surprised with the passion generated by the Manchester United fans. The Brazilian joins the Red Devils a week before his Seleção teammate Antony and along with Fred, was welcomed with the Brazilian flag displayed at his first home and away matches.

He is currently representing his Country at the FIFA World Cup. His goal against Switzerland advanced them to the Round of 16 before the end of the group stage.

Casemiro admits English fans live for football

In a Q&A with MUTV, he stated about the difference between the stadiums atmosphere in England and Spain:

“Both places have their good points of course, but one of the things that has surprised me the most over here has been the fans. The passion that they have for the game and how they really live for their football.

“When the weekend comes around, how the fans just live off their football. How the fans just exude football, and you can see that football is their passion and that football is their life.

“So it’s not just here at Old Trafford for the home games, but away from home too, wow, the fans are just incredible. The supporters, the atmosphere, the way the fans get behind us, just fantastic, and one of the things that has surprised me the most since coming to England.

“But you cannot want for anything more from our fans, and what’s more, you have to thank them for the way they support us and I have never seen anything like that before.”

Casemiro admiration for Red Devil fans is not new

Casemiro’s admiration for the Old Trafford supporters is not a new thing, he already admitted it in his old interview. He told the club media:

“In the city people tell me a lot about it, like where the best restaurants are. Not just the city [where everyone is passionate about football], but I think in the entire country, the way the country lives for football, the passion people have for their clubs in England. It’s not too different to Spain. The Fans surprised me with the atmosphere they created. I think the way the fans play alongside the players is really important.”

Red devil fans became even more beguiled with the Brazilian when he netted an injury-time equalizer against Chelsea in October. His celebration with the fans at Stamford Bridge showed the exact type of passion fans have been waiting to see from their players, even if it is just overtaking a point from a match.

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