City: “Father of ‘Unique’ £43 Million Man City Player Reveals Desire

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In a recent interview with A Bola, Paulo Silva, the father of the Manchester City star Bernardo Silva. Confirmed his son’s aspirations of returning to his former club, Benfica, someday. This revelation came as Bernardo Silva signed a one-year contract extension with Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. A decision that has been well-received by the club’s fanbase.

Even Manchester City’s Director of Football, Txiki Begiristain. Lauded the 29-year-old as an “exceptional” player, expressing his delight at securing a new deal with the Portuguese international.

However, amidst the celebration of this contract extension. It became apparent that Bernardo Silva maintains a deep-rooted desire to wear the Benfica jersey again, according to his father.

Paulo Silva shed light on the various offers and interests his son received from other clubs. Stating, “There was also a very strong approximation, with a proposal and will on the part of PSG. And there was continuity of interest from Barcelona, which year after year has wanted Bernardo in the squad. Of course, there was also a desire to keep Bernardo at City. Things were structured, and the decision was made with our feet on the ground.”

City and Bernardo

While acknowledging the allure of other clubs, Paulo Silva emphasized that Bernardo’s heart lies with Benfica: “Year by year and step by step, we’re seeing what the opportunities are. We cannot make a decision in three years based on a hypothesis that may or may not happen. Obviously, Bernardo is a Benfica fan and wants to return to Benfica.”

However, Paulo Silva clarified that his son’s decision to extend his contract with Manchester City for another year is not necessarily a prelude to an imminent move back to Benfica. He added, “Is it three years from now? It doesn’t seem to me that the decision to extend with City for another year is related to going to Benfica when he turns 32. It could be a possibility, which is a strong possibility, in fact, but I wouldn’t put it as a preparation for that.”

For Manchester City fans, the hope remains that Bernardo Silva will continue to be a vital part of the club beyond 2026 and that any potential return to Benfica will come at a later stage in his career, as suggested by his father’s comments.

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