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Garth Crooks has vehemently criticized Pep Guardiola for his actions during half-time in Manchester City 3-0 victory over Burnley on Friday. In his recent commentary on BBC Sport, the outspoken pundit went as far as suggesting that these heated confrontations could potentially sway Erling Haaland towards considering a departure. With Real Madrid being an attractive destination.

Crooks has gone on to express his strong disapproval of Pep Guardiola’s approach. Singling out the manner in which he publicly reprimanded Erling Haaland at Turf Moor.

The initial altercation transpired between the 23-year-old and Bernardo Silva. Triggered by the former’s frustration at not receiving a pass from Silva during the match.

In the aftermath of the game, Guardiola disclosed (as reported by Manchester Evening News) that he had engaged in a conversation with Haaland. The purpose of this exchange was to clarify that Silva’s decision not to make the pass was justifiable. Aiming to avoid the potential risk of a hazardous counter-attack before half-time.

City and crooks comments

In contrast, Garth Crooks holds the perspective that Pep Guardiola’s treatment of Erling Haaland was overly severe.

Garth Crooks has strongly criticized city for his actions and the public rebuke of Erling Haaland at half-time. Labeling it not only ill-timed and unnecessary but a display of outright arrogance. Crooks emphasizes that if Guardiola chooses to express his frustrations with players on the field. The audience should have the right to witness it. Conversely, if Guardiola deems such discussions inappropriate for public viewing, they should remain within the confines of the dressing room, which is entitled to its privacy.

Crooks continues to condemn Pep Guardiola’s conduct, highlighting that what transpires on the pitch should be accessible to the viewing public. Particularly through television broadcasts for which substantial sums have been paid. He underscores that this incident was plainly visible. Showcasing Guardiola’s authoritative demeanor as he insists on strict compliance with his instructions. Crooks also speculates that such a public reprimand during halftime against an opponent like Burnley would have drawn a very different response from players in the past. Highlighting the changing dynamics of the sport in the present era.

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