Dravid Praises MS Dhoni for Tactical Mindset

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MS Dhoni the former Indian captain announced his retirement from World cricket on 15th August 2020,. Which was 2 years ago. Dhoni to date is known as the best finisher that has played the game of cricket. Dhoni always played at the position of 5th or 6th in the batting order. In this position, his statistical observation has always been remarkable. Furthermore, he has achieved the most heights while batting second in limited overs cricket.

There are many people who think Mahendra Singh Dhoni would not give much credit to Rahul Dravid. For his debut as a wicket-keeper batter along with the role of a finisher. Dravid is now the head coach of the Indian team. He once openly spoke about MS Dhoni. However, in conversation with fellow former Player Sanjay Manjeraker hosted on ESPN, Dravid praised Dhoni. Dravid in the interview said

“When you watch Mahendra Singh Dhoni play at the back end of the game. Or at his best (when he was at his best), you always got the feeling that, ‘Hey, he is doing something really important. But he is playing like the result does not really matter to him. ’ I think you need to have that or you need to train it. Also it’s a skill that I potentially never had. I mean, when it mattered to me deeply, it mattered to me, the consequences, you know?

But I think it would be really interesting to ask Mahendra Singh Dhoni. On whether this is something that’s come naturally to him or something that he’s potentially worked on. And if he has the answer to what it is, then he should market that! But that’s what great finishers at the back end, or guys who can bowl at the deaths, they’re able to do. They’re able to get themselves into that frame of mind.”

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