Enzo Fernandez Says Manchester City Player is a “Constant Threat”

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Chelsea star Enzo Fernandez heaps praise to Manchester City player as constant threat. Enzo was pointing to City striker Erling Haaland. The Argentine was in a quiz round with Premier League official YouTube channel. Though, the 23-year old can only be lauded for the number he is sticking on the sheet. Moreover, former midfielder Paul Ince said that even though the Norwegian is unavailable for some parts of the League, he is the real deal. Enzo gave his words on Haaland after facing him in a 4-4 draw recently with Chelsea. He said,

We don’t change our style of play [to adapt to Erling Haaland’s strengths] but we’re more aware because we know he’s a constant threat in the box, he’s strong, fast and strikes the ball excellently. On top of that, he’s a goalscorer and gets a ton of goals.”

The key to play when Haaland is on the field is to keep toe-to-toe with him. Despite being alone for some spells on the field, the former Dortmund man will not be complaining given balls fed to him. The striker pounds on the opportunity to influx the damage to the opposition. Moreover, after signing for the Sky Blues, the striker has become more lethal. He is not only just a deadly striker but also a generational athlete with his adaptations to move in the box. Every forward in the world will surely like to adapt the qualities and strength of the big man. Furthermore, the ex-RB Salzburg star tends to live up to the billing and rise to the occasion like other stars.

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