Everton vs. Chelsea: The fireworks did their job


For the first time, it felt like Everton against Chelsea was fighting for something
Seems like the firework in front of Chelsea’s hotel last night did its job to the very perfection.
It came from the crowd which resonated with the Everton players, who’ve seen the results go against them.

The Lampard Pressing and Everton

Frank Lampard’s side demonstrated high energy pressing but the question was can they do it for 90 minutes?
They kept going and forced Chelsea to a mistake which was capitalized brilliantly leading to a 0-1 victory.
Chelsea was the stronger side but wasn’t playing brilliantly. Possession-wise Chelsea dominated the game with 77% but ultimately it was that one mistake and goal from Richarlison making the difference.
Another bonus was Chelsea at times is a team that possesses the game for fun but lacks a clinical edge.
For goals, Chelsea only has Mason Mount in double figures this season. Chelsea’s 130 million summers signing Lukaku never came from the bench and hard to tell what’s going on within the team.
For Chelsea, it’s going to be another big summer, as they’re going in to replenish the forward section this summer.
It absolutely makes no point in holding that amount of possession and not getting what the possession is meant for.

Jordan Pickford is Back

Pickford made a couple of sensational saves and made the struggling Everton team respond to the moment.

The stats were as usual poor like pass completed is just 115 as compared to Chelsea’s 631.
If the players of Everton put as much effort as their fans, they’d be safe and way above the relegation.
Once at the bottom of the table Newcastle fans had that same “now or never moment”. The Magpies were looking for their way out and today they’re in the top half.
Everton is too big to be relegated and would be a very embarrassing day for the premier league. They’re an ever-present premier league club out of seven teams in the top flight
Whether Everton will or will not get relegated depends completely depend on their performance but one thing is for sure “the toffees will not go gentle into the night”.

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