Ex-Team India batting coach suggests strategy to tackle Left-Arm bowlers.


Left-Arm bowlers has been a point of concern for Team India. Be it Trent Boult spell from 2019 WC, Shaheen Shah Afridi spell from 2021 T-20 WC, and many more.

Now, Sanjay Bangar ex-team Indian batting coach comes with an unique strategy for Indian batters to deal with the Left-Arm threat.

Banger says that due to majority of right-handed dominant bowling attack. The batters are not familiar facing the Left-Arm bowlers. It’s the angle which causes the problem says Bangar. According to him batters need to be in proper position to handle them.

Ex-Indian team batting coach says,

One doesn’t get much chances to play from that angle because most of the teams have a right-hand attack and opening bowling pairs. However, the angle is very crucial keeping in mind where you want to play as a batsman because when a left-arm bowler bowls from close to the stumps and brings it inwards towards the right-hand batsman.”

Batters needs to score between mid-off and mid-on against Left-Arm bowlers,

Bangar’s plan involves playing the Left-Arm bowlers between the mid-off and mid-on region. He suggest this to negate the incoming delivery that Left-Arm bowlers deliver. Because most Left-Arm bowlers make the ball to come into the right-hand batters due to the angle at which they deliver the ball.

One needs to set himself and think of scoring runs between mid-off and mid-on / mid-wicket areas,”

Left-Arm challenge is that Indian batters have to go through in the Asia Cup and World Cup. Although, Team India is aware of the threat and started preparing for the Left-Arm challenge.

Team India is preparing to tackle Left-Arm threat,

Team India in the recently concluded skill-enhancement camp in Alur, Bangalore, had Left-Arm bowlers to prepare the batters for the upcoming challenge. Bowlers, in the likes of Yash Dayal, Aniket Chaudhary were present in the camp. The Indian team management had in mind, the game against Pakistan this Sunday, where they have to face the likes of Shaheen Shah Afridi.

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