For the Australian Open, Dominic Thiem ‘will be stronger, fitter, and faster than ever before…’

Franz Tost Germany

Forgetting how talented Dominic Thiem is has grown to be quite simple. He’s practicing right now, and he looks to be just as skilled as he always was. Two years ago, while he was at his best, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic were no match for him. Prior to becoming hurt, he was the number one, the next one, and he was at that level.

Operating with Dominic, who has already reached the pinnacle and is a little older, is a project that interests me. He has a pretty amusing exercise history and has never really followed a formal workout regimen. Also because the coach he worked with was somewhat traditional and did everything on the court. We have altered that. His workout regimen now incorporates science, which he hasn’t really done before.

He has had a difficult recovery from his injury, but we have great faith in the procedure. Suffered two wrist ruptures in a short period of time, the first of which happened in June last year. He progressively resumed playing by September and October and switched to softballs for about a month.

In September, October, and November we did a lot of exercises, and by December he was hitting very well full. He traveled to Dubai and made some advancements there, but he was never going to make it to Australia.

It’s a great idea to take him in January and February because we had Miami and Indian Wells on the itinerary. He did, however, have some minor aches and pains in his wrist. We put off Miami, and that’s when we started working with clay. From March and April till the present, we were on the clay.

He needed to rediscover his forehand shot, and the clay was better for it. Everything was fine, and we needed to locate that shot again after ruptures, just as he did with a forehand injury. On clay, the ball doesn’t move forward unless you accelerate. On quick hard courts or grass, you don’t need to speed as much because the ball will still move; nevertheless, on clay, you have no chance.

Therefore, we kept him there because it was the only place on clay where he could find the shot. But because he worked out so much over the past five months, his body is pretty excellent. He only lacks matches, but he is currently receiving them.

Dominic Thiem must compete in 25 high-caliber matches to return to the top

By Miami in May, his physical condition and readiness were pretty nearly complete; the only thing missing was the shooting. Since around February, the wrist has been pain-free. Soon, I believe, we’ll start to see Dominic Thiem in all of his genuine, classic glory.

He must compete in 25 high-caliber matches to return to the top, and I believe he is prepared for it. Because I constantly think about where the body needs to go, I always start my work around three months in advance. I’m following up on Australia, he’s prepared thanks to the three to six months’ worth of effort he’s put in. He came incredibly well-prepared for the US Open for the first time in more than a year.

He seems to have no pain, and is alert, ready, physically fit, and in good health. November and December will be another extremely busy training period. He’ll be at a higher level in Australia, in my opinion. Even more physically fit, quicker, and stronger than ever, he will be totally functional.

He never followed a strength program well, so we put lots of strength training on him to improve his explosiveness. Might not change drastically, but I think he’ll end up looking a little different than before. Although it won’t be dramatic, people will say:

“Hey, he looks strong. Everyone around is starting to notice this body is changing.”

Dominic reached five finals in total—two at the French Open, one in Australia, and his US Open victory. You have to believe that Dominic still has the French Open as his best chance if he plays on clay. However, I believe that all Slams are conceivable. He is incredibly energetic and highly motivated.

He may still play tennis for another five years, which gives him excellent prospects. Dominic Thiem, who now is totally recovered, will not be welcomed back by Novak and Rafa without a guarantee!

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