Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho reveals whom he feels will win the Premier League


Former Manchester United and Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho predicts the winner of Premier League. Mourinho is a former Premier League winner with Chelsea. The Portuguese icon was asked on the Obi One podcast which of the top three he would prefer to win the title. Mourinho had two managerial spells with Chelsea winning them the league and domestic titles. Moreover, he is a Europa League winner with Manchester United as well. Furthermore, he was a manager for North London club Tottenham as well. Despite being a manager for Chelsea’s rivals, he is still a legend for those at Stamford Bridge.

Now, with Chelsea nowhere around the title, the Roma boss gives his predictions on the winner of England. He said,

“I would say Man City 51 [percent], and Liverpool 49 [percent].”

He was also asked if Arsenal are also a contender for the title to which he replied,

“Nah! The rivalry is still there. It’s not the rivalry it is in the right moments. Rivarly apart, I would like them to win. Of course, Chelsea is not going to win. It is out of the question. Manchester United is not going to win it too.

So it is between these three and out of these three I would like Arsenal to win it. But 51, 49. And I say 51, 49 because when the accumulation of matches are coming Man City has two teams.”

The Blues will hope to be back in the title race soon with the amount of money they splashed. This season is also looking like a miserable one for the Blues and their supporters. However, the only positive from the season is their performances against top sides like Manchester City and Arsenal.

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