Former Liverpool star Divock Origi reveals what fans still really think about him


Ex-Liverpool striker Divock Origi shares what fans still think about him years after leaving Anfield. Divock was a cult hero for Liverpool fans during his seven-long years spell with the Reds. The Belgian forward is most loved for his contribution during the road to Champions League glory in 2019. Currently in contract with Nottingham Forest, the striker was looking back on his time at Merseyside on Sky Sports. The 28-year old said that he is still recognised by fans on being asked about his goals against Barcelona and Tottenham in 2019.

“They show a lot of love. Even like when I’m at the hotel, you always find a Liverpool fan and they’ll speak about it.”

The second goal from Divock Origi against Barcelona at Anfield for a miraculous comeback was voted as the best goal in club’s history by fans in 2022. It clearly shows the love fans still have for their ex-striker. Though, it has been a downhill for him after leaving Liverpool. He went on to join AC Milan which primarily felt a good move. Though, things went opposite and he was booed by his home fans even. Later on, Milan somehow managed to sell him on the deadline day to Premier League side Nottingham Forest.

Although his new life in England is also not going at the very best. He only has one goal so far this season. The City Ground fans will hope to see Origi in his best as he was for Liverpool. Whatever be the future, nothing will be enough to match the moments that Divock has with the fans of Liverpool.

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