Frank Lampard now makes comments on the managerial skills of former Chelsea teammate

Frank Lampard makes comment on the management skills of Chelsea teammate John Terry. Lampard says that the Chelsea legend John Terry has the ability to be a successful manager. John Terry and Frank Lampard, two of the greatest in the Chelsea’s history, have gone different ways since retirement. In the case of defender, he spent his time coaching in the academy. Besides this, he was also assistant coach at Leicester City and Aston Villa. Meanwhile, Lampard has been the in-charge of clubs like Chelsea, Derby County and Everton so far.

While speaking on The Obi One podcast, Lampard claims that Terry has got a future in coaching if he wishes to carry on in future. Lampard said,

 “I have the upmost respect for John. He should be the manager of a football club right now, because of what he has done in his career, not just played, the best defender the Premier League has ever seen, but also how he managed people around him, the club.”

It is not a big surprise hearing Lampard praising his captain. The two have been a long-term mates at Stamford Bridge winning multiple titles. Meanwhile, John is back at Stamford Bridge working with the academy. However, Terry admitted last month that he never got a call from Lampard while he was an interim manager last season. He also said that he would have happily joined if asked though. Fans will be keeping an eye on both the former Englishmen to see where there careers will take them. The duo has been the childhood heroes for a certain aged fanbase. If Terry can carry forward the leadership he showed as the skipper, then he can be a great manager in upcoming times.

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