Gary Lineker has had his say after the latest points deduction suffered by Everton

Gary Lineker reacts to the points deduction for Everton. The decision comes after the League referred Everton in March to an independent commission. The Merseyside club was accused of profit and sustainability rules breaching for over a three-year period. They have a 10 points deduction and now sit 19th in the Premier League table. Moreover, it is the biggest points deduction in the history of the League. However, Everton said they will appeal and consider the finding as ‘shocking and disappointing’. The club said,

“Both the harshness and severity of the sanction are neither a fair nor a reasonable reflection of the evidence submitted.”

The appeal from the club will be under another independent panel excluding people who brought forward Friday’s decision. Gary Lineker shares his reaction saying,

“With Everton being docked 10 points it will be very interesting to see if other clubs are sanctioned.”

As per the comments of Lineker, the decision of the Toffees will surely put focus on other club’s investigations as well. Clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City are under investigation for Financial Fair Play breaching as well. Both the clubs may relegate out of the Premier League of any of their respective offences. The Sky Blues even have more than 115 breaching charges by the Premier League. They are yet to have a verdict amid legal investigation. Though, the club’s officials have denied the wrongdoings. Meanwhile, Chelsea are under investigation for alleged breaching charges during the time of former owner Roman Abramovich. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how Everton will avoid relegation after the deduction as there is still a lot of games left. Moreover, Sean Dyche’s side is also looking in great discipline this season.

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