Gary Neville criticised Curtis Jones’ red card decision against Tottenham


Gary Neville criticised Curtis Jones’ red card decision against Tottenham Hotspur as the match ended in a controversial manner.

Luis Diaz’s disallowed goal was the main headline over the past few days. Reds were showing two red cards as they ended the match with 9 men.

Curtis Jones was shown a straight red card for challenge against Yven Bissouma in the first-half of the game. Hence, Gary Neville criticised referee’s decision as there was no intent in the challenge whatsoever.

Speaking on the ESPN, Nedum Onuoha has shared that Neville criticised decision of showing Jones a straight red. He claims that intent is not part of law and these comments are presented as facts currently.

Meanwhile, Onuoha spoke about the situation and said :-

“People listen with their ears and your ears can dictate what you see with your eyes. I think it was Gary Neville saying about Curtis Jones that he’s not tried to do him and there’s no intent, but intent isn’t one of the words used when described if something should be a red card. But when you say there’s no intent and it’s wrong, that’s how people perceive the way the game is going to be refereed. That misses the point.

“That is his opinion and not the fact of the incident, but it’s being delivered as a fact and I hate that. Because it affects the way we see it, Curtis Jones, I’m sure he’s a great guy, and he accidentally rolled over the ball. It was an accidental thing that happens in football. Nobody intends to do it and it’s always a red card.”

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