Gary Neville is still in doubt about Arsenal winning the League

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Gary Neville is still a staunch believer that Arsenal will not win this season’s, Premier League. Gary Neville says that Manchester City will win the League by 10-15 points, ahead of Arsenal. As of now, the Gunners stand at top of the league with 34 points while City is trailing close behind. The two sides are yet to come head to head as the fixture was postponed earlier this campaign. Neville was critical of Arsenal last season for falling short to secure the top 4 positions in the league. The former Manchester United player has noticed a pattern of the Gunners falling short every year and believes this year to be the same.

Gary Neville on Arsenal not winning the League

Neville doesn’t see Arsenal as the title contender to City. The United right-back have insisted that the Gunners have a tendency to ‘crumble’ during the last part of the campaign. Arsenal have definitely emerged as a surprise contender for the title after they have managed to secure 34 points from a possible 39. Although they can still sit back at the top of the table after their match with Wolves, Neville still backs City as the league winners.

“The only thing Arsenal have proven in the last few years is that they crumble at the end of the season, until I see that they don’t, I’ll still have that doubt. Why would I not?”

Neville further adds:

“Manchester City will win the Premier League by 10-15 points this season. I’ve seen It before when you’ve got a team that’s so exceptional, we had that a few times with Manchester United when I was playing, where you just know a team just hasn’t got it in them to go all the way to challenge the top team.”

Neville’s doubts after last season’s disappointment

Arsenal failed to secure the top 4 spots after their loss to the London rivals Tottenham last season. This is what creates doubt in former United player’s mind. He believes that he have seen nothing of that sort from Arsenal which shows them to be serious contenders. Gary Neville though wishes for City to be challenged for the title, but he believes it will not happen.

Despite of the disappointing climax last season, Arsenal are sensational this season and the hunger for winning the league and a champion’s league spot could be seen in them. In 13 Premier League games this season, Arsenal have only lost once this season to Manchester United and have drawn to Southampton. This could be considered as their best-ever start to the season. And with the victories over the five of the ‘Top Six’, Arteta’s team is being backed by many fans to go to the distance.

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