Gary Neville names the best striker he ever played with while at Manchester United

Manchester United

Gary Neville has played with great striker while at Manchester United. However, Neville believes that Wayne Rooney is the best striker he ever shared the field with. Gary is a twelve time Premier League champion and has played with some of the very best forwards the game ever seen. Moreover, he is now a phenomenal pundit as well. He is known for his frank and honest statements when it comes to pundit. Now, he claims Rooney as the best but thought that he does not have correct place in United’s history. He said,

You get asked sometimes about underrated players and he’s not normally in the conversation, when you get asked about best United players but in terms of when I get asked to name my best Man United 11, he is already number one centre forward. He is the best by a mile that I played with. Best by a mile in terms of goals, effort, everything, assists.

He is never up there in the legends of football, people don’t usually say Wayne Rooney for some reason.”

Rooney won five Premier League titles with United, a Champions League medal and countless other trophies. It is certainly a debatable statement by United icon. Undoubtedly, Rooney was a legend for both club and country but Neville is somewhat correct. The English man is a bit underrated for the achievements of his career. Moreover, his managerial role for Birmingham City is also a disaster. He was recently sacked by the club management as well. A major reason for his under appreciated career is that he never won a trophy for the country. This maybe the only dark patch in the trophy studded career of 37-year old.

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