Harry Redknapp once missed out on the chance to sign Arsenal legend

Former Harry Redknapp once missed on the chance sign Arsenal legend Ian Wright as he misjudged his potential back then.

At the age of 75, Redknapp have decided to retire after 34 years of managerial career in 2017. During this period, he managed Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Southampton and many more.

Speaking of an incident, Redknapp claimed that he once refused to sign Ian Wright back in 1983. He instead signed Carl Richards from Enfield Town. It all started when he became the manager of Bournemouth FC in the same year.

Writing in his book ‘Always Managing’, Harry Redknapp also spoke about the duo. He said :-

“I bought Carl for £10,000, went to pick him up from Enfield and while he went in to say goodbye to his manager, he left me with his mate.“

‘What are you signing him for?’ said this kid. ‘I’m 10 times better than him. I’ve got 26 goals this season, he’s only got 12. I’m different class than him. Why don’t you sign me?’

“I was worried. ‘I can’t buy you, I’m buying him,’ I told Carl’s mate, ‘but I’ll keep an eye out for you, don’t worry.”

“So we took Carl and he was absolutely useless. He could run, but that was about it. We played about six games, couldn’t win one. Carl was terrible.

“After about four games of this, he came to see me. ‘I’ve got a mate,’ he said. ‘He was asking if he could have a trial. He’s a striker, like me.’

“‘And is he as good as you, Carl?’ I asked, suspiciously. ‘No, he’s not as good as me,’ he said, ‘but he’s decent.’“

‘Well, tell him not to f***ing bother then,’ I snapped, and that was the end of it.”

“The following Saturday, we went to play Crystal Palace. ‘My mate, the one who wanted a trial, he’s playing for Palace today,’ said Carl. ‘Oh good,’ I thought. ‘No problem there then.’

“Anyway, three goals later I realised Carl wasn’t much of a scout, either. His mate’s name? Ian Wright, who then went on to score 238 league goals.”

However after that Ian Wright had an illustrious career in the Premier League with Crystal Palace, Arsenal and West Ham United. He even won the Premier League with Gunners in 1998.

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