Henry finally gave his verdict for not winning the Ballon d’Or in 2003

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Arsenal and French legend Thierry Henry final gave his verdict for not winning the prestigious Ballon d’Or back in 2003.

Paul Nedved won the award in 2003 after a brilliant campaign with Juventus as they won the Seria-A and finished runners up in Champions League. However, they lost the final to AC Milan in penalties.

The Czech Republic star was a creative maniac for the Italian Giants, registering 14 goals and providing 17 assists in that respective campaign. However, some argue the fact that Thierry Henry should have won the Ballon d’Or in 2003 after an exceptional season at Arsenal.

Speaking on CBS Champions League, Micah Richards raised the issue and asked question to Henry that why he had not won the 2003 Ballon d’Or instead of Nedved. He said :-

“2003. You had 32 goals and 28 assists that season. Nedved, who won it, had 14 goals and 17 assists.”

Henry responded on the situation and said :-

“Look, you can’t debate opinions. When journalists are involved and have a vote, they vote for whoever they want.

“However you want to look at it, they vote for whoever they want. When you look at the vote in the history of [the Ballon d’Or], not only my year, you [often] look at the top three and think ‘Really?’

“You must have looked at some sometimes and thought, ‘Really?’ So it is what it is. You can’t debate opinions.”

Nedved addressed the situation after winning the Ballon d’Or back in 2003

Winning the award two decades ago, Nedved said via Guardian:-

“I did not even dream of winning such an award. I heard about the nominees and being among them, but I did not believe in my chances too much.

“For me, Thierry Henry is the best forward in the world now. If I had voted I would have voted for Thierry and the other players on the podium.

“I did not think I would beat Thierry Henry, Paolo Maldini or Zinedine Zidane. I am very happy for myself, my wife, my children and my country but I don’t know how I beat Thierry Henry or Zinedine Zidane.”

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