Ian Wright claims Evan Ferguson is a potential star

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The former professional Ian Wright sees that Brighton & Hove Albion player Evan Ferguson has too much potential to stay put.

Ferguson’s talent was a topic of discussion for quite a while, with Brighton’s recent victory against Newcastle only highlighting it. The club secured a 3-1 victory against The Magpies which were only able to save face in the extra time. What’s more is that Ferguson scored each end every goal, granting him 10 goals scored within 24 Premier League appearances.

Brighton set The young man’s asking price to be no less than £100 million, which can only increase given time. And yet, the man is likely to make a move next transfer window, with Arsenal being the most likely buyer.

Despite being 18, the striker has enough skill and talent to find his way into one of the big clubs.

Opinion of Ian Wright concerning Brighton striker Evan Ferguson

The striker’s recent accomplishments have attracted worldwide attention, not only from notable clubs but from notable public figures as well. Former Crystal Palace player and television personality Ian Wright has taken a liking to the player which he later expressed.

“When you look at him and the way he plays, his appreciation for the game, his movement, finishing, both feet, good in the air, good pace, he’s got all the attributes at 18. Very sure in the way he plays. He’s somebody that all he has to do is keep doing what he’s doing and they’re going to start talking about him in millions, because that striker is not around really.” He stated in the the Kelly and Wrighty show.

It is safe to say the player’s future is bright, and we will hopefully see more from him later on.

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