James Maddison claims he got some undeserved praise at Tottenham

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James Maddison accepts that he is playing the best football of his career right now but he got some undeserved praise as well. Tottenham signed Maddison from Leicester City this summer. Since then, he has proved out to be one of the best signings for them this season. The 26-year old has provided five assists and scored two goals. Owing to his performance, Spurs are at the top of the Premier League table.

Maddison speaks about himself at Tottenham

Maddison was speaking to Men In Blazers as Spurs prepare to return to action on Monday.

“What I would say is you definitely get more praise; people notice more because you’re at a big football club. There’s performances that I’ve played at Tottenham which have been spoken about as a really, really good performance, when actually, I’ve come off and I’m thinking I was alright. I was okay, I could’ve been a lot better. Whereas, no disrespect to a team like Leicester, a smaller club in terms of the Premier League and stature, you come off and you think you’ve played really well and had a really good game, and it doesn’t get spoken about as much, just because Tottenham’s a bigger team at the right end of the Premier League.”

I feel like I’m arguably playing the best football I’ve played to be fair. I’m at an age now where I’m experienced. I’ve played a lot of football matches now, come through the lower leagues in my early career. So I’ve played a lot of football. I’ve seen a lot of stuff. I’m still only 26. Got a long way to go, but I’d probably say, yeah I’m in the form of my career.

“That’s happened a couple of times this season. There was one game I can’t remember, maybe even got man of the match and I was just like, there was no chance I was man of the match then. But I’ll take it, it’ll still go on the mantlepiece.”

Tottenham fans will be much delighted to know there is more to be delivered by Maddison. It will surely be a scary thing if Postecoglou’s side hits the top gear in the upcoming months.

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