Joe Gomez claims he once considered to retire due to injury

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Liverpool defender Joe Gomez claims he once considered taking retirement due to fitness issues in last couple of campaigns.

Injuries are common in modern football but some player’s are often sitting in the sidelines due to fatigue. However, some players luck doesn’t favour them just like Joe Gomez.

ACL problems, ankle issues and knee issues have destroyed Gomez’s career. Speaking On The Judy Podcast, the 26-year-old has admitted that when he ruptured patella, Gomez thought his career was over.

Gomez discussed the issue and said :-

“Yeah, my last one, with time you sort of realise. I got hit with my ACL early, my ankle ones were semi-bad but they were fine, but my last one, my knee, I was sitting on the bed and I remember calling my Mrs and saying ‘this is’ and it was all sort of quick.

“It was traumatic with my kneecap, I ruptured my patella and it was out of the blue. It was like ‘oh my gosh’, what’s going on.”

Despite his injuries, Gomez has been a top profesional whenever he took charges in the field. After victory against Newcastle United, Jurgen Klopp praised the 26-year-old and said :-

“Well, they did more than that – they won it.

“Gomez, who has blown hot and cold in recent seasons, took Van Dijk’s central defensive position after 33 minutes and never put a foot wrong.

“The victory by Liverpool, while devastating to Newcastle, may prove the turning point the Reds have been desperately searching for.”

Injuries have been a major issue for Gomez as it affected his career massively. Both mentally and physically, the defender have faced lot of obstacles in such a young career.

Many thought Gomez was going to be a world-class defender before injuries took their hold. However, he still has the quality to become a brilliant footballer.

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