Jurgen Klopp told about the bromance between Nunez and Mac Allister

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp shares the news of molding friendship of Darwin Nunez and Alexis Mac Allister. Both Nunez and Mac Allister are from South America and have been seen together at times. Ever since Mac Allister’s move from Brighton, the two have been enjoying each other’s company. Moreover, the Argentinian has been helping his Uruguayan teammate in understanding and learning English. Speaking in his pre-Luton Town press conference, Klopp reveals,

“We have an extra on-field player, so far it was always Ali [Alisson], the translator [for Nunez] if you want.”

“But now we have Macca and they are really close with each other and Macca is a super smart footballer. So, if I forget something to tell him, Macca tells him anyway.

“Strikers need to know where to go when midfielders have the ball and that obviously depends on the midfielders and that’s the stuff you talk to players about. The players talk to each other as well about it and Macca there is super helpful.

“And Lucho’s [Luis Diaz] English is getting better and they are very close as well, you can see it.”

Klopp has always been a big fan of Alexis since he arrived at Anfield. He even shared a story of how his teammates teased him saying Klopp’s son. His relationship looks similar to that of he had with Adam Lallana few years back. Moreover, Nunez has been brilliant since the arrival of Alexis. The fans at Merseyside will be hoping the bond between the two grows for over the years to come.

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