Kyle Walker shares his hilarious moment with Pep against Sevilla

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Kyle Walker shares a hilarious moment of his with Pep during the game vs Sevilla. The full-back shares how he comes to take the penalty against Sevilla in the UEFA Super Cup final. Walker filmed a video with former City midfielder Michael Brown for the club’s official channel.

Pep’s side beat the Spanish side in the UEFA Super Cup in Greece. Sevilla, thanks to a goal from En-Neysri, led in the match. Later on, Cole Palmer equalises with a great header in the second-half. The game went on to penalties and City emerged victorious.

Kyle Walker told the story of Super Cup final with Pep

Manchester City scored all five of their spot-kicks, with Walker taking up the final penalty for the Sky Blues. Though, City fans were a bit surprised seeing Kyle walking up to the final penalty kick that night. Adding to this, he has now revealed that Pep actually chose him as the fifth penalty taker. Talking to Brown, Walker said;

 “I’m stood at the back, getting out of the way. Right at the back. I don’t want to be involved in it. He’s got us in the huddle and he’s like ‘So this time, I’m going to choose the penalties’, bearing in mind we just lost on penalties to Arsenal (in the Community Shield).

“So I’m thinking ‘Oh I’m buzzing, he knows I don’t like them, he knows I’m not going to take one, fantastic!’

“He’s gone ‘number one Erling, number two Julian, number three Kovacic, number four Grealish, and number five – who’s going to win it for us – Kyle. The God’s honest truth, ‘He’s going to win it for us… Kyle!’ And he looked at me and smiles. And I’ve looked at him and was like ‘You’ve got it wrong mate!’

Clearly, Pep felt that the Englishman would come through for him, even though it was not one of the convincing penalty in the world.

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