Lawyers claims Man City relegation while Liverpool and Everton watch on

A lawyer delivers the verdict of Man City to face relegation if found guilty. City are under charges for the FFP breaching and can potentially be facing relegation. Meanwhile, Liverpool and Everton watch on for the decision. In the recent days, Everton were handed a 10-point deduction due to breach of profit and sustainability rules. It is the biggest points deduction in the League’s history. Owing to this, the Merseyside club sits 19th in the table.

It was the same lawyer who previously advised City claimed they could be relegated from the Premier League. In February, the Premier League hit City wit over 100 charges of breaking FFP rules. Though, te Etihad officials deny the allegations and wrongdoings. City have won the league five times out of last six with Liverpool as runners-up twice. Meanwhile, reports also suggest that FA and the Premier League are also investigating Chelsea. The Blues are under the suspicion of ‘secret payments’ during the former owner Roman Abramovich’s era.

Stefan Borson, the chief executive of Watchstone group believes City and Chelsea could face more severe punishments if found guilty. He said on X,

“Without seeing the judgment/award -10 points for Everton feels harsh for a straightforward FFP breach to me. But reinforces that sanctions against City (if proven) and now Chelsea (if charged and admitted on the off-books payments) will be potentially relegation-inducing.”

The punishments could be more than just relegation for the two clubs as Everton were only having one charge and were a victim of 10 points. This suggests that the former two clubs could be facing massive decision on their future. It will be an eye-catching decision to follow in the future.

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