Lionel Messi on two minds about re-joining Barcelona

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Lionel Messi is in two minds about an exit from PSG and rejoining Barcelona. According to Sport, Messi is still on the lookout for a possible return to Camp Nou. Moreover, Barcelona is open to re-signing the player when his contract with Paris expires the next season. All that said, Messi is in no great hurry to rejoin Barcelona.

His leisurely and slow approach to this is due to various reasons. First, Messi still has a year left on his contract. That’s a season’s worth of history yet to be made by the Argentine player. Messi is 35 years old and any opportunity to play and win trophies is a welcome one for the player. Moreover, the World Cup is just around the corner this year. This might be Lionel Messi’s last ever world cup campaign. He must have high hopes to get the trophy to Argentina this season and cement himself more firmly as a proper footballing legend, both at the club level as well as at the national level.

Laporta’s comment on Messi’s return

Barcelona president Joan Laporta recently gave an interview with Nico Cantor for CBS. Among the various questions asked, was the possibility of resigning Lionel Messi for a comeback stint. To that, Laporta said:

“I would like to bring him back. It will not be easy but I think with the correct strategy we could do it. I think Messi has been the most important player in our history. During a long period of success he was the leader. He was the one who excited our supporters. We will do our best to have Messi ending his career at Barcelona and being applauded by everyone.”

Messi was forced out of Barcelona because of the league rules and the mismanagement of the Barcelona team at the upper management level. Messi has some unfinished business at Camp Nou and he would be raring to complete it and then hang up his boots. Moreover, Barcelona is moving on after the departure of Messi. They are signing a lot of amazing players to build an entirely new system of play this season. They have consolidated their forward line by adding Robert Lewandowski, Raphinha, and Dembele this summer. Now, it’s hard to see where Messi fits into it all this season or even the next season. Moreover, his age also must be weighing heavily on his mind. It takes time to settle into a new system and time is scarce and precious for Lionel Messi currently.

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