Liverpool player ratings for their 3-2 win against Villareal

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Liverpool fought back a spirited performance from Villareal to end their dream run in the Champions League. Villareal started the first half on a positive note. Moreover, the Liverpool looked panicky in this half making mistakes ‘unLiverpool’ like as the commentators remarked.

Villareal even pounced onto Liverpool and scored an early goal within ten minutes of the game. However, Liverpool on the other hand felt the pressure on Villareal’s home ground. They gave away the ball easily and could not enjoy long bouts of possession.

This led to the second goal of the match, with Etienne Capou’s perfect cross found by a thunderous header from Francis Coquelin. However, after the second half Liverpool upped the ante.

A lackluster Rulli saw Fabinho’s goal going through his legs. Then came the rout, with Luiz Diaz and Sadio Mane adding the second and third goals respectively. Liverpool, thus booked their places for Champions League final in Paris.


Alisson 6/10

Could not be blamed for either of the goals in the first half. Did not have to do anything in the second half.

Trent-Alexander Arnold 6/10

His horror-show in the first half was to some extent minimized by his display in the second half. He got into some good areas in the second half. Moreover, he made an assist for Diaz’s goal.

Ibrahim Konate 7/10

Konate was strong in the backline and dealt with any threat that came his way.

Virgil Van Dijk 6/10

The first goal from Villareal could have been said to because of an uncharacteristic mistake by Van Dijk. However, after that he returned to his usual self and defended well.

Andrew Robertson 5/10

Villareal in the first half attacked from the flanks and Robertson failed to neutralize those attacks. However, his pointed crosses higher up the field was missing.

Fabinho 7/10

Kept the midfield well and brought the much needed opener for Liverpool in the second half.

Thiago Alcantra 6/10

He was not his usual self with his passes not finding the desired target. Lost the ball on occassionsand only got going in the second half.

Naby Keita 5/10

Not at all a good performance from the Guinean. Took some shots which did not see the target.

Mohammad Salah 7/10

Was barely seen in the first touch. But his finessed touch to Fabinho to set him up for his goal was an eye catcher. In the second half he upped his game.

Diego Jota 5/10

Did not get any real chances to bury the ball in Villareal’s goal. Then he was taken off for Diaz.

Sadio Mane 7/10

Again a dominating performance from the Senegalese. He scored the winner in the match and made sure Liverpool’s chances of making the final.

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