Liverpool youngster admits he loved to play for Everton in his childhood

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Liverpool youngster Tyler Morton says he loved to play for Everton in his childhood. Liverpool and Everton are two of the biggest city rivals in the Europe. The 21-year old Morton is regarded as one of the most exciting and promising talents at Liverpool. Moreover, Jurgen Klopp is himself a massive fan of him and what he can be in the future. Speaking in a recent interview with the Liverpool Echo, the on loan Hull City star reveals how he loved his time at Everton’s academy in his young days. He said,

“I played for Everton when I was younger, when I was a kid. I really enjoyed my time to be honest, even though I’m a Red.

So yeah, I played for Everton when I was younger. I think I was four or five until about seven. It was very young but I still weirdly remember it.

It kind of got to that decision when you’re seven years of age and you pick a team. I picked Liverpool. Yeah (my family are), all Reds. I don’t think I had a choice to be honest!”

The academy of Goodison park is one of the best in the country. However, Morton’s decision to leave Everton and move to Liverpool is worth. The midfielder is now one of the biggest clubs and is on the course of development. Moreover, a successful spell at Hull City could see him getting minutes under Klopp as well. Consequently, his decision to choose Liverpool over Everton is proving out to be a good one. With the current situatio at Everton, the midfielder might even have lost in the system of Finch Farm. Though, he is now on the better side of the Merseyside.

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