Manchester City players have copied something similar to Fernandinho did in 2021

Manchester City

Manchester City players are trying to copying something similar to Fernandinho did in 2021. This is revealed by defender Nathan Ake recently. Fernandinho is a City legend and leader who left the club last year. It was under his leadership that City went on a remarkable run of titles. The 28-year old was speaking to The Telegraph in which he revealed that,

We had a big get together organised by the captains and we had a good talk with each other – not to hammer each other but to be honest that everyone has to look at themselves to see what we can do better, because this is not what we want.

We want to win games and get the season going again and we had to do it now while there were still so many games to go. The time was still there to do it because we would rather have had the conversation then than in five weeks when we could have been even more points behind.”

It echoed Fernandinho’s decision to call a similar meeting back on New Year’s Day in January 2021. It was eventually quoted as important by his goalkeeper Ederson Moreas. Moreover, the Sky Blues went on a 21-game win streak after that incident. If the Spanish manager does not leave the club on 2025, the defending champions will continue to march on. However, presence of Rodri, Ruben Dias, Silva and Ederson will still be cherishing the club.

These meetings are of importance considering the young talents like Rico Lewis, Gvardiol and Bobb also in the team. It will build up the confidence and mental strength and instill a winning mentality in these young minds.

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