Manchester City reveals their stance on European Super League

Premier League club Manchester City reveals their stance on European Super League. City were among the founding members of the European Super League. Although, the European Court Of Justice ruled the UEFA and FIFA rules banning the clubs joining competitions like Super League as unlawful. The company backing the European Super League, A22, launched a new proposal for men’s and women’s European competitions. It consisting of a league system with 64 men’s clubs across three leagues. Though, the participation was based on sporting merit and no permanent members.

Moreover, the new proposals and developments were welcomed with an objection by some top clubs. European giants like Dortmund, Atletico Madrid and Manchester United show their disagreement on the proposals. These clubs release their official statements revealing their approach of the development and proposals. Owing to the fellow European clubs, the treble winners have also released their latest statement showing their unwillingness. This is according to a journalist, Ben Jacobs, who says the stance of City remains the same.

Although there is no new statement, sources believe that the Sky Blues are pointing back to their statement from 2021. The statement read as,

Manchester City Football Club can confirm that it has formally enacted the procedures to withdraw from the group developing plans for a European Super League.”

The club’s decision to detach themselves from Super League has come just three days after their announcement of joining the League. Moreover, Manchester City was among the 12 founding members of the European Super League.

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