Manchester City superstar described what he found tough while joining the club

Manchester City

Manchester City star defender Ruben Dias reveals what was difficult for him while joining the club. Ruben joined Manchester in 2020 from his home nation club Benfica. The Portuguese international was a record transfer for the club at that time. He joined the West of Manchester for a sum of £65m deal back in September 2020. However, he shares that it was very tough for him to leave behind Lisbon. The City number 3 said,

Right now, I’m very comfortable with myself. I enjoy the Club, I enjoy the city, I enjoy my home. I feel at home. It was easy to come in the sense of the football reason but in the sense of abdicating my whole life in Lisbon which is, for me, my one and only paradise it’s not easy. You lose a lot of what’s your normal day but I always say it and I really go by it, if you’re happy at work you can be happy wherever.

With time you just start to know the city better and today I can say I really feel comfortable in Manchester.”

Recently Anton Ferdinand criticized the Portuguese for his poor form this season. However, he doesn’t show any home sickness during his first season. Moreover, he was selected as the Premier League player of the year. Besides this, he was also the FWA Footballer of the year in 2020/21 season. Ruben is still 26 year old but plays like a 35 year old experience player. He will only get better and better as soon as he reaches 28 or 29 which is the peak of a defender. The defender certainly has provin his worth of £65m.

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