Manchester United owners have shown interest in buying an IPL team


Manchester United owners have shown interest in buying an IPL team as they have accepted the ITT from BCCI. The Indian Premier League or what we know IPL is one of the biggest T-20 league competitions. Currently having 8 teams, BCCI has planned to add two more teams to the competition.

Following the thoughts of adding two teams to IPL, the BCCI had issued an invitation to tender (ITT) in August. The ITT has to be purchased by the buyers for participating in the auction for buying the new IPL teams. Among the potential buyers, the Glazer family have also written their name buying the ITT for a sum of £10,000.

The last date for buying the ITT closed this Wednesday and the auction will be held next week, most probably on Monday. While for the bidding and buying of the new IPL teams, the BCCI has set some minimum financial guidelines.

As per the reports, the bidders have to show an average turnover of ₹3,000 corers or a net worth of ₹2,500 corers. While if there is any foreign investor then they have to set up a company in India after their bid is labeled as successful.

If the Manchester United owners are successful in owning an IPL team for the 2022 season, then it would make their ownership portfolio a bigger one. Apart from owning Manchester United, the Glazer family also have a Super Bowl team named Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And following United’s fan following in India, the Glazer-owned IPL team could emerge as a fan favorite.

Apart from Manchester United owners, 17 other parties will be joining the auction in Dubai. In that list, various Indian businesses and CVC Capital Partners have also written their name.

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