Max Verstappen calls Virtual Le Mans hosts ‘clowns’

Max Verstappen Le Mans

Max Verstappen was furious after losing out on the Virtual Le Mans 24 Hours due to a glitch.

Red bull F1 racing driver Max Verstappen along with his team Redline squad was competing in the Virtual Le Mans 24 Hours. The team was leading the event before disaster struck. The team got disconnected from the event on Sunday morning.

When the team was finally able to rejoin, the team was in P15 as they eventually retired from the race.

Verstappen was left furious by the event. The Dutchman called the event a “clown show” as he urged his fans to uninstall the software.

This is not the first time Verstappen got affected by a glitch that ultimately ended his race. Back in 2020, during the inaugural Le Mans VIrtual race, Max Verstappen crashed into another competitor as his screen froze.

Verstappen commented:

“They can’t even control their own game. This is the third time already that has happened to me now, being kicked off the game while doing this race.”

Verstappen also warned that he will not be taking part in the event from now on.

Verstappen added:

“This is also the last time ever because what’s the point? You prepare for five months to try and win this Championship, you are leading the Championship, you try to win this race which you have prepared for two months and they handle it like this. Honestly, it is a joke. You cannot even call it an event. It’s a clown show.”

Before Verstappen got disconnected Organizers had complained about server issues late Saturday night. The race was temporarily stopped due to a “suspected security breach”.

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