Mesut Ozil Honored in Mourinho’s All-Time Best XI

Jose Mourinho has honored Mesut Ozil by including him in his all-time best XI. This accolade underscores Ozil’s significant impact on the sport, beyond his controversial stint at Arsenal. Moreover, Mourinho’s selection, drawing from his time at Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and others, celebrates Ozil’s midfield mastery.

Mesut Ozil’s football career combines exceptional talent with contentious moments. His 2013 transfer from Real Madrid to Arsenal initially brought excitement. Thus quickly establishing him as a key player at the Emirates. Yet, his Arsenal journey ended in January 2021 with mixed feelings, defined by moments of footballing brilliance.

Mesut Ozil’s Arsenal Journey

Ozil’s tenure at Arsenal was a mix of outstanding and challenging periods. He significantly impacted his first season, helping Arsenal break a trophy drought. Moreover, his exceptional playmaking skills won over fans, proving essential in numerous victories.

While celebrated for his creativity and vision, Ozil faced criticism for inconsistency, especially in crucial games. High-profile contract talks sometimes overshadowed his on-field achievements.

Ozil’s Arsenal era ended with a fallout with manager Mikel Arteta. Gradually sidelined, he left the club with a legacy that balances admiration for his skill and debates over his impact.

Mourinho’s Esteem for Ozil and His Football Legacy

Mourinho’s choice of Ozil for his top XI reflects the high regard he holds for Ozil’s abilities. Mourinho, a tactical expert, valued Ozil’s skill in playmaking and chance creation.

Mourinho appreciated Ozil’s intelligence and training dedication. Their mutual respect was evident during their successful collaboration at Real Madrid. Ozil’s football legacy goes beyond Arsenal and Real Madrid. He was pivotal for Germany, contributing to their successes.

His retirement marks the end of an era for a player known for his artistic approach to the game. Despite controversies, Ozil’s legacy as a top playmaker is secure. His game-reading ability, creativity, and vision have left a lasting impression in football, acknowledged by fellow players, and managers.

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