Michael Owen speaks about the bravery of Tottenham midfielder Maddison

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Michael Owen has spoken about the bravery of Tottenham midfielder James Maddison when he is on the ball. Owen said this following the performance of Maddison in a 2-0 win over Fulham. Tottenham regained their first spot on the table owing to the goals from Son and Maddison. He told Premier League Productions how the 26-year old ‘gives the ball away a fair bit‘. Though, it is because he take risks while on the field. Former Manchester United and Liverpool man Owen also believe that Maddison can be argued to be the best signing of the summer as well.

Speaking about the Englishman, the Ballon D’Or winner said,

He is so brave with the ball. Even in the first half, I just purred with three or four of his passes. He just whips them into that frontman. Takes risks.

He gives the ball away a fair bit, but that’s exactly what you have to do if you are going to provide the assists or score the goals that he scores.

“It’s brilliant to watch. He is always trying to make something happen. There are a lot of safe players around. They pass it around and keep their stats up and the percentage of keeping the ball.

He doesn’t care. He literally doesn’t care – he will risk it every time he gets it. On those magic moments he creates and scores.”

Whatever be the ending of the season, Spurs fan will be delighted to see their team performing to this level. Their main aim will be returning to the European football again after failing to do so in the previous season.

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