Ponting compared Indo-Pak clash to the heat of Ashes.

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Asia Cup is all set to start at the end of this August (27th). The second day will witness World’s one the fiercest rivalry. On 28th, Rohit Sharma led India will face Babar Azam led Pakistan. This will the opening match for both the teams. However, Ricky Ponting has picked the probable winner between the two.

Ponting has even explained the reason behind choosing India as the potential winner.

Not only that, Ricky Ponting also compared the heat of Ashes to that of the Indo Pak Clash. According to him, the rivalry is nothing lesser than the England vs Australia. Ponting clarified in ICC’s You tube channel,

“To be totally honest when I think about it(India vs Pakistan), it’s one that we’ve been starved of, haven’t we? For obvious reasons looking back at last 15 or 20 years. I’m sure it means more to the players from both these countries. But you know I think Australia-England, the Ashes cricket is the pinnacle and I’m sure the Indians and the Pakistanis will say the same about their rivalry being the pinnacle of test match cricket.”

Ponting further added,

“But any time as a cricket lover and a cricket observer, it’s almost always nice to sit back and watch because it’s everything just goes up a notch doesn’t it?”

India’s ability to produce and stand up and win big games of cricket in big events is something to behold: Ponting

However replying to “favourites” between India and Pakistan, Ponting answered,

“You put me on the spot there. No, look as I said, I said India would win the Asia Cup, so I’ll stick with india to win that clash against Pakistan. I mean that’s taking nothing away from Pakistan because they are an incredible cricket nation that continue to present out-and-out superstar players. They’ve had a tough run as we know in the last 20 years with not being able to play a lot of cricket at home.”

Ponting signed off saying,

“That looks like it’s slowly starting to turn as well. Yeah but India’s ability to produce and stand up and win big games of cricket in big events is something to behold. So, I think India will win narrowly.”

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