A decision about Manchester City’s 115 charges will be taken soon

Manchester City

Manchester City have been accused of breaching Financial Fair Play rules between 2009 and 2018. There are 115 charges currently against them. Although no announcement has been made for Man City’s hearing date, it will soon be done. The Blues have denied all the accusations put against them. However, the matter will be looked into soon. Moreover, Everton and Nottingham Forest had to face a point deduction for FFP breaches. The time for Manchester City to face the problem is uncertain, however, if they are found guilty they will have heavy consequences. Despite failing to give a concrete date, reports state that the hearing will commence ‘in the near future’. Additionally, ex-Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan speculated on the situation and said that there would be a statement.

While speaking on talkSPORT Simon Jordan said,

“I have always maintained that there will be a settlement, not because I want one, but because it is a lesser of two evils. Because everyone is in an invidious position. The Premier League are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.”

Rio Ferdinand predicts chaos in the Premier League over Manchester City’s charges

Given the extent of the charges, a decision in the case won’t be taken soon. There will be frustration among the Premier League rivals if Manchester City are not held up for breaking the rules. Moreover, with Everton and Nottingham Forest losing points for the same reason, the situation has intensified. Ferdinand said that if Manchester City escape punishment, there will be an outcry.

The former English footballer said,

“When is this going to get sorted out?” he asked. “Because everybody else’s cases seem to be getting sorted out mighty, mighty quick. Everton have had two dockings this season already this season. Nottingham Forest, all these teams are getting docked points. Manchester City’s are just…”

If Manchester City are found guilty of 115 charges, they could even be relegated from the Premier League. However, nothing will be done until the hearing takes place.

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