Postecoglou aims cheeky jive at Arteta after defeat against Chelsea

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Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou takes cheeky aim at Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta after his club’s defeat against Chelsea.

Spurs were hopping to keep continue their unbeaten run but both Destiny Udogie and Christian Romero were sent off in the first-half. Blues won the match 4:1 as Nicolas Jackson scored a hattrick for the away team.

Meanwhile after the match, Postecoglou took a satirical jive against Mikel Arteta over his furious rant after his club’s defeat against Newcastle United. He said :-

“Premier League managers should just manage their football clubs. I’ve never and I never will talk to a referee about the rules of the game. I was taught that you grow up and you respect the officials.

“You know what managers do? I’ll tell you what managers do, me included, we try to find ways to bend the rules. Tell me what the rule is, and I guarantee you’ll have a room full of managers processing ‘how can I get around this.

“We’re not the right people. I get people keep saying this. I don’t agree with it. What I want is the best officials always being upskilled to officiate the game. But I think it is so hard for referees to officiate these days.

“Their authority is just constantly getting diminished. I grew up afraid of referees. They would be like policemen. Nowadays I guess we talk back to policemen as well. I’m old-school. I’m from a bygone era. I just love the purity of the game.”On the back of the result, Spurs remain second in the Premier League table, one point behind leaders Manchester City.”

Postecoglou claims he doesn’t believe in spending money like Chelsea

Ange Postecoglou claims he doesn’t believe in spending money like Chelsea as there’s always limit to every team.

The Spurs manager believes that spending big money on acquiring best players will not always guarantee success. He feels there’s need to be a proper balance while gathering a squad.

Speaking to BBC Sports, Postecoglou said :-

“I’ve always said I’ve never felt it is about just spending money. That’s been proved time and time again.

“If you get it all right then you’ve got a pretty strong case, but there’s always a limit to every team. You can’t have 24 world-class players. That will never work.

“It’s about having a squad that’s balanced, guys that are committed to a cause. Having guys that maybe aren’t going to play every game, but every time they play they are going to make a huge impact for you because they buy into what you are trying to build.

“Just spending endless money to get the best players has been proven that it is not the answer. The answer is to get the right chemistry in your team.

“I don’t think you can do that if you just get the 24 best players in the world. That’s a headache I definitely don’t want.”

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