Postecoglou response to atmosphere at Tottenham Stadium and Title race

Tottenham Hotspur manager Ange Postecoglou responded to their home ground atmosphere and title race hopes before clash Crystal Palace on Friday.

The Australian satirically said that Tottenham stadium is turning into a night club rather than a fortress. However, after finishing eighth in the Premier League table last season, Tottenham have now changed their fortunes and are currently sitting at top of the table this season.

Postecoglou discussed the matter and said :-

“Ah mate, I’ve got no idea,” he said when asked about the post-match music and who is the DJ in the Tottenham dressing room. “And I stay out of the dressing room partly because of the music choices of the players. Most clubs want to turn their grounds into a fortress – ours is becoming a nightclub, mate. I’m all for it, whatever makes people happy that’s my thing.”

After a fine to the campaign this term, Postecoglou believes that Tottenham should be in position to challenge for the Premier League trophy every season. He said :-

“I didn’t come here to not be successful. This club has all the fundamentals to be successful. The expectations should be there. Part of the reason why there’s been this real desperation for a trophy is because they feel that’s the space they should be in.

“That is the expectation. That’s the reality. But what drives me isn’t raising or trying to dampen expectations. What drives me is trying to build something that will realise the ambitions that this club has at this particular moment. People’s perceptions don’t concern me too much. This is a big club and should be in a position to challenge for trophies every season in my opinion.”

Postecoglou backs Tottenham in the title race this season

Ange Postecoglou backs Tottenham Hotspur in the title race in this current campaign. As their stunning form continues, the manager said :-

“Look if we’re in this position around 36, 37 [games]… you know… I might look at the subject.

“Those are not the only two options, you know. It’s not jokes or giggles or me coming in and throwing my significant weight around. I am the same, it doesn’t matter, I am hoping that when people see me they don’t know where we are, what position we are.

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