Premier League introduce a rule backed by United, Van Gaal’s verdict was proven right after Pogba’s decision

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There’s a lot happening at Manchester United as we bring the latest from Old Trafford. Premier League’s new rule could be a huge relief to the English teams, which were firmly backed by United. On the other hand, former manager Louis Van Gaal has again taken a swipe at the Red Devils. But this time, his words hold some truth as well regarding Manchester United and Paul Pogba.

Premier League finally introduce the rule favored by United

Calls from many of the premier league managers for a change in the number of substitutions allowed has now been answered. The Premier League has finally introduced a new rule allowing teams to make five substitutions per game. Manchester United were among many clubs who wanted this change. Premier League first used this change in the 2019/20 season after it resumed during the pandemic. Clubs were allowed to make five substitutions as a result of the shutdown due to Covid-19.

However, many clubs still voted to revert back to the three-subs rule at the start of last season. And the English top-flight was back to three substitutions. But this time, those in favor of the rule have prevailed. The new rule will come into effect from the 2022/23 season. Premier League is currently the only one among Europe’s top five leagues that still play on the three-substitutions ruling.

Manchester United voted for this rule at the start of last season, and have again done the same. Interim manager Ralf Rangnick also asserted the rule many times during this season. However, only three occasions are available for the five subs. But the inclusion of an extra opportunity at half-time is also there.

Van Gaal’s comments about Manchester United were elucidated by the club itself over Pogba’s treatment

Louis van Gaal endured quite a controversial managerial stint at Manchester United from 2014 to 2016. Though he won the FA Cup with United, his disagreements and outbursts with the United players were no secret. Many players who left United during Van Gaal’s regime still criticize his methods and management.

However, Manchester United have upheld his recent swipe after their bizarre decision over Paul Pogba. Van Gaal’s fellow countryman Erik ten Haag is leading the race for United’s job. But Van Gaal, in his comments cum advice has warned Ten Haag. Van Gaal said,

“Erik ten Hag is a great coach, and that is always good for Manchester United. But Manchester United are a commercial club, so it’s a difficult choice for a coach. He’d better go to a football club. He further added, “I’m not going to advise him, he’ll call me himself. But he must choose a football club and not a commercial club.”

Van Gaal labeled Manchester United as a ‘commercial club’ and their treatment of Pogba just proves it right. Pogba is ready to leave Manchester United at the end of this season for free. The midfielder publicly expressed his disappointment over enduring a fifth consecutive trophy-less season at United. As a result, he looks set to leave, but that hasn’t stopped United from taking advantage of his popularity.

Manchester United have planned their pre-season in Thailand, and have amusingly used Pogba to promote it. The pre-season poster has Pogba, Ronaldo, and Telles on it. As Pogba has made up his mind about leaving, supporters feel that the club’s plans for next season are of least importance to him. This commercial stunt by Manchester United may have just proved Van Gaal right.

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