Prize money ODI World Cup 2023 vs. FIFA World Cup 2022

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What is the prize money of the ODI World Cup 2023? How different is it from the FIFA World Cup Prize money?


ODI World Cup 2023 is around the corner, and the prize money for the event was recently announced. The prize money for the 2023 World Cup event winner is the same as that of what the England team claimed in 2019 after winning. The winners of the tournament will get a whopping USD 4 million. Furthermore, talking about the runner-ups of the World Cup 2023, they will get a handsome prize of $ 2 million. Moreover, the teams that will lose in the semi-finals will not be going home empty-handed. They will be receiving prize money of $ 800,000.

In the 2019 ODI World Cup, the prize money for the winners was $ 4,000,000. While the runner-ups received $ 2 million, the teams who played in the semi-finals received $ 800,000. Moreover, there was no prize money for the teams participating in the quarter-finals. Furthermore, the winners of each group stage match received a prize money of $ 40,000, and the teams that got eliminated in the group stage received $ 100,000.

In the 2015 ODI World Cup, The prize money for the winners was USD 3,975,000. While the runner-ups of the edition received USD 1,750,000, teams that lost the semi-finals received USD 600,000. Furthermore, the teams losing the quarter-finals received USD 300,000. The winners of each group stage game received USD 45,000, and the teams that got eliminated in the group stages received USD 35,000.

The winners of the FIFA World Cup grabbed a whopping $ 42 million. The runner-ups got $ 30 million. Teams in third and fourth place received $27 and $25 million. The teams at the 5th and 8th positions received $17 million each.

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