Pundit backs Havertz after his debut goal against Bournemouth

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Pundit Adrian Clarke backs Kai Havertz after the German international scored his debut goal against Bournemouth FC last weekend.

Havertz joined Arsenal from league rivals Chelsea this summer. After struggling to find his feet, he scored his first goal for Arsenal and celebrated it with teammates and supporters.

Fans have also started chanting a new song for Havertz after his heroics last week. He needs buckle up and change his fortune this season.

Speaking on Breakdown Live, pundit Adrian Clarke was discussing about Kai Havertz chant, claiming it’s similar like Willam Saliba chant. He also suggests that it’ll help the German to build a fan base and grow his stature to next level at the club.

Clarke shared his verdict on Havertz and said :-

“I just feel it was a big fee, a new club, a new manager, and he was asked to play in a new position. He’s come from Chelsea, there’s extra pressure because of that. But scoring a goal can free you up, and you know what else can free you up? Knowing your teammates love you and the fans love you. The fans were singing 20 minutes non-stop. It was like the Saliba chant all over again. We saw what that did for Saliba, let’s hope that’s the springboard for Kai to go out and express himself in the way we know he can.”

After under performing at Chelsea, Havertz will look to change his fortune at his new club. He now has great opportunity with Arsenal as manager Mikel Arteta backs him and his true potential.

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