Pundit claims 26-year old Liverpool player Luis Diaz is feeling nervous now

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Pundit claims that 26-year old Liverpool player Luis Diaz is feeling nervous on the field right now. Diaz has started to slightly struggle after a blistering start to the season. The Colombian recently played in the draw against Uruguay. Following the game, Colombian legend Faustino Asprilla spoke to ESPN about Lucho’s display.

“The definition in football in the end is everything,” Asprilla said, commenting on Diaz’s end product. “Luis Diaz anxiety is eating him, he looks anxious. He did everything right for the definition, but at the moment of impact he raised it, normally that in Liverpool that is goal.

Also in other plays he could calmly do other things to define better, but the anxiety had him finishing before. He dribbled when he did not have to and that in football is fundamental, that is seen in every game, when you are not fine in definition it is impossible to score goals.”

Moreover, everything is looking slightly rushed for Diaz. He looks eager to get on the ball and score that he even forgets things go naturally. Despite his electric character, he is getting anxious on the pitch. Nevertheless, it will be nice to see him at ease once he composes himself. Moreover, the Liverpool man is the most high profile player of his nation. He must take help from his teammates their in order to attain his best form again.

Though, it is a bit rough on Diaz as he has been more good this season than bad. Still, he must keep his calm and carry on his game in the upcoming season.

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