Pundit claims Spurs midfielder will have a better season than Odegaard

James Maddison

Pundit Jermaine Jones claims Tottenham Hotspur midfielder James Maddinson will have a better season than Martin Odegaard.

Speaking on talkSPORT, Jones states that Maddinson will score more goals and assist than Martin Odegaard this season. Both the midfielders have started their campaign brilliantly as Arsenal and Tottenham are yet to test defeat.

Both the teams faced each other in a North-London derby last week. The match ended in a 2:2 draw, but Maddinson was at his very best.

The England International provided two assists to Heung-Min-Son for the both Spurs’ goals on Sunday. Pundit Jermaine Jenas believes that fact that Maddinson will be outperform Odeegard this season.

Jenas backs Maddinson and said :-

“I like Odegaard, massively, and I think he had an unbelievable season last year.

“It’s going to be interesting to see at the end of this year because they have a specific job those two players [Maddison and Odegaard] and it’s about goals and assists.

“What are they bringing to the table in terms of goals and assists? And I don’t think you’d sit there right now and say ‘I bet you 100 per cent Odegaard’s going to get more goals and assists than Maddison.

Darren Bent responded to Jenas’ verdict and said :-

“I’ll take that bet.

“You want to take that? Okay.

“We’ll talk off air and we’ll have a bet.

“We’ll do the football shirt thing, we’ll do something around the football shirts. But I can’t see that happening, I think Maddison will have easily, if not the same, more goals and assists than Odegaard.”

Maddinson and Odeegard are two top-rated midfielders in the Premier League currently.

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