Pundits engage in fierce conversation about about England’s No.1 GK

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Pundits Chris Sutton and The Daily Mail’s Ian Ladyman engage in a fierce conversation about both Three Lions goalkeepers Aaron Ramsdale and Jordan Pickford.

Both Ramsdale and Pickford has been battling it out for the number one spot between the sticks for last couple of years. Gareth Southgate had also gone for the Everton man but Sutton backs the Arsenal GK for the main role.

Hence, Ladyman agree with it, as he claimed on Mail Sport’s It’s All Coming Up Podcast that Pickford is his number choice for England Team. Meanwhile Chris Sutton was shocked hearing it and said :-

“Really? So a ball’s going into the box, a free-kick whipped into the box in the 92nd minute of a tight game, who would you prefer in goal?

“I’d have Ramsdale over Pickford every day of the week. I think he’s a more accomplished, safer goalkeeper.

The debate about Pickford with his feet, I think Pickford is a little bit cleaner, but I don’t think that Ramsdale is that bad with his feet.

“Did you not, I mean, you were at Hampden the other night, did you not see the raking long pass to Trippier in the game?”

However, Ladyman supported Pickford, but Sutton continued :-

“But are you saying that Ramsdale is that bad an option? That seems to be where you’re going with this.

“I think that both goalkeepers are very closely matched. I think if you were to choose one, most people across the country would say also they prefer Ramsdale over Pickford.”

Both Ramsdale and Pickford are top class goalkeeper and hence Pundits are facing difficulty in choosing one.

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